Seven things you didn't know about the Salzburg Sports World

Seven things you didn't know about the Salzburg Sports World

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There is no doubt that SalzburgerLand is very sporty. For this reason, eight resorts have teamed up for the "Salzburger Sports World" and offer their guests a varied sports, nature and activities programme. In Flachau, Wagrain-Kleinarl, St. Johann-Alpendorf, Radstadt, Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, Eben and Filzmoos, there is plenty to experience. What, exactly? Please continue reading.

#1 Hike from anywhere for just one Euro
With 18 themed hiking trails and over 350 kilometres of hiking trails, you cannot of course explore everything at once. However, with the help of a hiking bus you can manage multiple routes per day and thus visit even more wonderful places. The bus takes hikers to their desired starting point and back again, and is ideal for guests who like to leave their car behind. And the best thing is that per route the bus costs just one Euro for owners of the free Salzburg Sportwelt Card.

#2 Admire more than 150 Alpine peaks at the same time
Where does one have more than 150 Alpine peaks at once in view? On the Radstädter local mountain - the Roßbrand! At 1,768 metres, there is a stunning 360-degree panorama and more than 150 prominent peaks on show, including among others the Großglockner, the Hochkönig, and the Großvenediger showing their best side. Hiking up to the Roßbrand takes about three hours from Radstadt, about four hours from Altenmarkt and about three hours from Filzmoos. The summit can also be reached with a vehicle.

#3 Dive into the world of the Moon
The interactive Lunar Path in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee provides amazing answers to questions about the moon. Along 2.2 kilometres, eight stations tell mystical and scientific stories about the bright night watchman. The circuit begins on the shore of Lake Zauchensee and is well suited for families with kid’s buggies. A highlight is definitely the open air astronomical observatory where one can use a telescope to look up at the sky. There are also some moon gardens in which herbs can be collected to the correct moon phase.

#4 A herb for each little aches and pains
In the Salzburg Sports World, not only do outdoor fans and sports enthusiasts get their money’s worth - there is also a lot to discover in the region for herb lovers. The healthy plants grow almost everywhere on the side of the road. Guided herb walks in Radstadt or St. Johann-Alpendorf teach you about these (wild) herbs and how to appreciate them. Particularly tasty Alpine herbs and medicinal plants are cooked or used in creams, pastes, and teas. Simply breathe in the fresh Alpine meadow and forest air and the ancient herbal knowledge.

#5 Get the coveted title of "Hagmoar"
Ranggeln (wrestling) is an ancient martial art with Celtic roots, which was in 1500 AD first mentioned in Salzburg’s Pinzgau region. This entails fighting on a lawn where the clothing is a white, tear-resistant fabric and the "Rangglerpfoad" trousers which are tied together. Shoes are not allowed. Ranggeln is now a competitive sport associated with customs and traditions. On 15th August, 2018 the Hochgründeck-Ranggeln event takes place in St Johann-Alpendorf. From midday, boys and men can fight for the title of the "Hagmoar". The term is composed of "Hag" (= an enclosed settlement) and "Moar" (= master, leader). A Hagmoar is thus a master, who is important within his own settlement. Between April and October, Ranggel tournaments take place almost every weekend in the Alps.

#6 Spoilt for choice between two golf courses
Of course, golfers are also not neglected in the Salzburg Sports World. In the golf clubs of Radstadt and St Johann-Alpendorf, you can improve your handicap and get lots of practice hits. Beginners are particularly well catered for on both courses and in the Radstadt Golf Academy. Additionally, the golf course in Radstadt has the worldwide unique Birdie-Jet-Golf-Gondola, which enables tee-offs at up to almost 1,000 metres. In St. Johann-Alpendorf, even non-golfers can use the Orange Course for fun activities. Cheap memberships here also enable the playing of golf on tight budgets.

#7 Watch Schnapps being distilled
The Mandlberggut is located at 980 metres and entertains guests in every conceivable manner. In the snack stop, lounge and on the terrace regional delicacies are served and in the in-house distillery Salzburg's first certified Schnapps Sommelier, Bernhard Warter personally distils fine spirits - and all this with superb views of the Schladming-Dachstein region. In the mountain pine distillery, further produce is made from mountain pine, such as essential oils and body care products. Just stop by and enjoy a guided tour of the distillery!