Learn how to play golf in the Alps

Learn how to play golf in the Alps

“No, I don’t play golf, I still have sex“ is popular saying, which indeed Tiger Woods, who just happens to be the highest-earning professional sportsman in the world, quite recently very publicly refuted. Almost no other sport is so filled with clichés as golf. For instance, have you ever heard being said, that sailing, skiing or mountain climbing are only for rich, old snobs with lots of time on their hands?

Those who aim for that small, white ball for the first time, move from upswing to downswing with complete body tension and then hit the ball in such a way that it flies and flies, regardless of where it lands, have really understood what playing golf is all about.  In order to find a common denominator for a sport, which you ideally need to start playing at 7 years old and which requires complete concentration, and brings together different people with different jobs, incomes and other interests, it is clear that everybody wants to achieve one thing: to hear that unmistakable sound when your club hits the golf ball’s perfect spot – that is, its “sweet spot“. And the majority of those who have experienced this once or twice have already become hooked.  At this point, at the very latest, a pro golf instructor is contacted, who will then give you tips and advice on technique to ensure you reproduce this sound of golfing happiness as quickly and as often as possible from now on.

Those who have learnt to play golf on holiday, often return to the same holiday destination. They develop a special bond with their golf instructor and hosts, who have motivated and coached them. Something very special happens to golf novices: they transform from rookie to golfer. Even when every stroke does not sit perfectly (this will more than likely never happen, unless you perhaps started playing at seven years old), you also undergo this transformation, irrespective of your social standing, age or other interests.

Golf schools at the Golf Alpin clubs hire out golfing sets. Whoever wants to try their hand at golf on holiday does not need any equipment. Trainers, a regular pair of trousers and at best, a polo shirt are completely sufficient. A set of clubs can be bought from €179.90 (as seen at: www.golflaedchen.de) or can be custom-made according to your requirements, available at various starting prices, from all professional golf shops and also the golf course’s own shop. Of course, there is also the putter (that is the golf club, which you should use when you want to putt the ball in the hole), which can be selected in gold or platinum, embellished with rhinestones (as seen at Barth & Sons from 2,300 euros-: http://www.thegoldenputter.com). In a similar vein, Bentley has produced a set of luxury skis for 9,800 Swiss francs.

For all those who want to try their hand at golf or want to learn how to play:  do it on holiday!  Here, you have a clear head, have the time to keep at it and there are nice, like-minded individuals, which in contrast to those at home, do not want to continually give you unwelcome tips.  There are also hosts who are best equipped to look after your aching muscles. Massages, whirlpools, steam baths etc. are a truly special treat after golf training. You will soon feel muscles that you previously never knew you had. Provision has also been made for those counting the calories. Many Golf Alpin hotels provide balanced and healthy meals as part of their luxury full board package, (e.g.: Hotel Sportalm, Biohotel Holzleiten,..) to further support their guests’ “game”.

The Golf Alpin clubs’ golf schools also offer courses to enable you to obtain your golfing licence via a final examination.  This licence officially permits beginners to play on the golf course where the examination was taken and passed. This seemingly archaic procedure guarantees first and foremost safety on the golf course. On completing the course, you will then know, for example, that calling out “fore“, to another golfer, who really should have started playing when they were 7, is to warn them that a ball is coming their way and that they should take cover and duck.

There is of course no guarantee, but generally a confirmation that the golfing licence has been obtained at a Golf Alpin club will also be recognised at home. Should that not be the case, a further professional lesson is normally enough to grant the golfing licence.

If you are not quite ready to pay the full annual membership fee at the start of your golfing career, many Golf Alpin clubs offer affordable “holiday memberships“, which have normally paid for themselves  after the 6th day (e.g. Waldhofalm, Mieminger Plateau Golf Club).