Gastein Valley: Imperial charm in SalzburgerLand

Gastein Valley: Imperial charm in SalzburgerLand

Bad Gastein stands for buildings from the Belle Époque era surrounded by the Gastein Mountains. Strolling through the town, the special attraction is noticeable - hip vintage bars, a Flying Fox across the valley, and a coffee house near the waterfall show how this former Spa of the Imperial family has developed into an Alpine holiday region with that certain something.

Anyone who has ever been to the Gastein Valley knows the three main towns of Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein and Dorfgastein. The region is known mainly due to its fascinating healing powers hidden in the local water. Several Spas are fed by the Gastein Healing Springs. They are also the reason why the Gastein Valley was already in the 19th century a popular spa town. The magical charm of the Imperial time is still there in the valley even today.

Stroll through bygone days
Anyone strolling through Bad Gastein for the first time will be amazed as the Belle Époque charm is still today very unsophisticated and alive. Young Bad Gasteiners are working on an image mix of modernity and nostalgia - and succeed very well. Take, for example, the "Ginger 'n Gin" in the "Grand Hotel de l' Europe". In a stylish ambience, Asian Fusion Food is served alongside a substantial number of gins. A real experience!

Action and the city
High-flyers can be found in Bad Gastein almost daily. The Flying Fox with the appropriate name "Flying Waters" allows one to cross the valley within just a few minutes. Once you arrive on the other side, you walk slowly to the "Power-Station Café". This is located right next to the waterfall which flows through the village. This is a unique photo-spot and an absolute must-see!

Healing springs and magnificent nature
Surrounded by the mountains of the Hohe Tauern National Park, the Gastein Valley is a paradise for sports enthusiasts of any kind. Whether it's for hiking, biking or golfing, this region is simply perfect. To ensure the relaxation is not too short, spa resorts are on offer with saunas, massages and relaxation. The Alpine Spa in Bad Hofgastein, for example, is known far and wide and offers everything that is expected from a modern spa visit. In Bad Gastein, the Rock Spa invites weary hikers for relaxation.

Golfing in the Gastein Valley - a Whole-in-One
The beautiful game belongs to a beautiful life. And that's especially appealing in the Gastein Valley. What is it that makes the Gastein Golf Club so special? The unique scenic location, the varied fairways, and the incredible views of the surrounding mountains! Here, it doesn't matter what handicap one brings to Salzburg’s Pongau region - its own golf school cares for beginners, while the more advanced practice their shots. By the way, anyone who would like to experience some tournament air, in addition to the clear air in the Gastein Valley, can find out when the tournaments are on with the easy-to-use calendar.

Don't miss the Hiking Swing Day
Swinging rather than sweating! On the Hiking Swing Day, it’s all about exploring the beauty of the Gastein Mountains without having to toil. Guests swing in the cable cars from summit to summit and experience the attractions offered in these airy heights. These include the suspension bridge at the Stubnerkogel, the Glockner view and the Felsenweg trail. Tip: the Hiking Swing Day is accompanied with music groups, climbing tours and a range of children’s activities which make it an unforgettable memory.

Insider tip: the ‘Berge and Themen’ Card
Active Gastein visitors have a real advantage - the more they experience using this popular combo card, the more the individual attractions are cheaper. Once purchased, it is valid for up to 21 days and opens up a range of possible holiday activities. Whether you opt for the comprehensive range of Gastein Spa offers or prefer to enjoy your vacation on the mountains - the ‘Berge and Themen’ Card is a top companion for your time in Salzburg’s Pongau region.