Behind the scenes: der Salzburger Lungau

Behind the scenes: der Salzburger Lungau

Salzburg’s Lungau region is a real insider tip within Salzburg’s holiday regions. Embedded between the Niedere Tauern Mountains and Nock Mountains, this region offers unique variety and a high quality of life. Not without reason was this region awarded the distinction "UNESCO Biosphere Park Salzburg Lungau & Carinthian Nock Mountains" and given special protection. In addition, this region is one of the sunniest areas in Austria. The following insider tips reveal where especially memorable moments are guaranteed in the Lungau region.

Listening to the sound of the cow bells during the Alpine herding
The annual Alpine herding is an important part of the Lungau folk culture and has been going on for many hundreds of years. Here, the Alpine cattle are decorated with wreaths made of pine branches, Alpine flowers, ribbons and pines. With the sound of their bells ringing, the cows should expel the demons on the Alpine herding. At least, this was the original idea of this tradition, which still happens nowadays every year on Salzburg’s national holiday, the Rupertitag, on 24th September. The decorated cattle are accompanied on their way down to the valley by many guests and onlookers, who celebrate the festive closing of the Alpine summer.

Cycle from lake to lake with an E-Bike
Salzburg’s Lungau region is the highest E-Bike region in Austria. The countless routes for cycling fans and those working on their stamina are especially popular. Whether for pleasure cyclists, E-Bike trailers, racing cyclists or mountain bikers - the region has the right selection for everyone. Altogether, there are about 150 E-Bikes available for rent in Lungau and the almost 100 recharging stations and two-wheel technology partners ensure pure riding pleasure on the extensive cycle path network. Whoever exchanges their wheels for hiking boots can enjoy the 60 crystal-clear mountain lakes or the seemingly endless hiking trails with stick and shoe.

Try Lungauer Eachtlinge and Schöpsernes at the Lungauer Harvest Festival
The Lungauer Harvest Festival is one of the highlights in the region. Here, traditional festivals are celebrated, traditions kept alive and local delicacies served. These include the "Schöpsernes" - the roasted Lungau sheep. To this speciality, you traditionally serve Lungauer Eachtling (potatoes), Krenkoch (horseradish) and Grantn (Cranberry). The Lungauer Eachtling is also typical in this region, an integral part of the harvest festival and prospers due to the special inner Alpine climate particularly well in this region. These are however not the only delicacies available in the Lungau region. Further specialties include Hasenöhrl with Sauerkraut, Brennmuas, Tauern rye beer, farmers’ doughnuts or the Lungauer Alpine marzipan. 

Listen to myths told by the witches on the Speiereck and the mysterious Thurnschallweibl
The mountain lake hikes in the Lungau region are truly legendary. In addition to the detailed route descriptions on the paths between the lakes, along the way hikers will find stories and tales from the region. Such as, for example, that the Speiereck was once a meeting place for witches and wizards, where wild celebrations took place. The highlight was the witch’s dance, where the rocky summit was circled with eerie sounds and wild movements. The daughter of a local farmer participated regularly in the dances, was decried as a witch and finally ended up burned at the stake. Another legend tells of the "Thurnschallweibl", an old woman who still guards the treasure hidden in the ruins. The former castle is hidden on a hill on the way between Tamsweg and Lessach in the forest. The "old woman" has supposedly been seen often together with a black dog, but so far no one has dared to follow them into the underground ruins. So, you can already see that Salzburg’s Lungau region is full of mysterious stories waiting to be told!

Improve your handicap on the idyllic golf course in St. Michael
The golf course in Salzburg’s Lungau region is regarded as one of the most challenging and beautiful in Austria. During the construction, a lot of emphasis was placed on ecological landscape design, which makes it unique and stunningly beautiful with its sunny altitude and the course itself. You can improve your handicap on the spacious practice area and the clubhouse is located between the 9th and 18th greens in the centre of the course. This Lungau 9-hole course is the perfect place for beginners and short players with eight Par 3 and one Par 4 holes waiting to be played. The golf course is beautifully designed, compact and ensures variety as small obstacles for golfers lurk everywhere.

Go swimming at 1,500 metres in the Prebersee
The Prebersee is an Alpine moor lake at above 1,500 metres in the same named Prebersee region. The dark, mysterious water colour arises because of suspended solids from the moor. You can hike around the lake on a roughly 45-minute learning trail or swim at predetermined access points. The Prebersee is located in the midst of a conservation area, so special care must be taken in the local environment. Fun fact: Earlier the call of gold drew people up into the vicinity of the lake, and indeed to the so-called Bishop’s Hole where a gold cave is listed.

Take a break from everyday life in the places of energy
In Salzburg’s Lungau region there are places where you can feel body, spirit and nature; and get new impetus, relaxation and a little time for yourself. There are many guided herbal tours, Kneipp hikes, and places of energy with quiet opportunities to recharge your energy levels in this region. Let your soul dangle on one of the spring water trails with a picnic at the waterfall, such as for example in Lessach. Early birds can gather at the Eggerwirt in St. Michael by the morning dew. Here you feel your way through the morning dew and still wet, cold grass, which helps strengthen the immune system and launches you into the day full of energy.