OPEN GOLF St.Johann/Alpendorf

OPEN GOLF St.Johann/Alpendorf

The trend towards value-for-money golf with reduced need for time and fun in the foreground is perfectly addressed. On the Orange course with nine Par 3 holes with 104 up to 204 meters, anyone can try to play golf, one needs neither membership nor a licence and the golf course is particularly suited to beginners and families. On the other hand it is also the ideal training course for good golfers. Half-set rental clubs from Wilson, high quality Mizuno rental bags and also children’s sets are available in the club.

Golfclub Sankt Johann - Alpendorf
Urreiting 105
5600 Sankt Johann, Austria
Tel.: +43.6462.22652
Fax: +43.6412.7271-35



Meter CR SRPar
 Yellow 4580 0 0 68
 Red 4068 66,30 113 68
 Yellow 4670 64,60 117 68
 Red 2410 0 0 54



Blue Course Mon-Sun 18  55,-
Blue Course Mon-Sun 9 35,-
Orange Course Mon-Sun 18 35,-
Orange Course Mon-Sun 9 25,-


... bietet ein unlimitiertes Golferlebnis auf allen oben angeführten Golfanlagen.

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